Pixhawk 4 Linear Actuator Question

Hello everyone,

My team is currently need to use an actuator for the payload integration system. In order to do so we need to attach the L298 H Bridge Motor COntroler to pixhawk 4.

The mission is to drop multiple payloads on a mountain. The drone would fly back and forth between base and the destinations to pick up and drop payloads. We will recharge or bring multiple batteries during the mission but we preferably wants to make as less trip as possible.

Below are the current wiring diagram that I have. How would I wire up the actuator to the L298 and pixhawk 4? If you guys have any other suggestion regarding wiring and actuator selction please give some insights! I am pretty new to avionics/electronics so if you can explain/elaborate that would help me a lot. Thanks for your patiences and advices!

My drone electrical diagram:
[Image: JJGONaYl.jpg]
L298 H Bridge: