PixHawk 4 Boat how to connect ESCs to PMB?

Hello, I have a PixHawk 4 Board right out of the box with the Power Management Board, that came with it. I believe I have everything connected properly, but you can see that setup in the pics and I’m not sure if everything is one hundred percent correct.

The thrusters I’m using are T100s from Blue Robotics, the red board you see is purely power for them, the white and black wires that come off the ESC are signal and ground respectively.

I don’t know where or how to attach them such that I can calibrate the ESC’s and run the motors. I have tried a lot with no luck, but I know that the ESCs and the thrusters work as I have been able to run them through a direct connection to the Futaba receiver I’m using.

When I go to attempt to calibrate the ESCs (even though they aren’t connected right) I get an error saying “set param error. please ensure your version is ac3.3+”

When I go to do a motor test I get “Command was denied by the autopilot”

I am clearly very far from being on the right track and I have read all I can find, and tested whatever I can. I’m super lost and I need help. This whole post can be boiled down into three questions

How do I wire my ESCs to the Pixhawk4 Power Management board so that they receive autopilot and RC control inputs?

How do I fix "set param error. please ensure your version is ac3.3+"
How do I fix "Command was denied by the autopilot"

I’m building a Boat with differential (skid) steering out of a boogie board

Thank you so much for any help and guidance you can give!

Images of the setup below:

@rmackay9 (because I know you’ve done something similar with your lake mapping)

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