Pixhawk 4 Aux Servos not enabled?

Hi everyone, this is my first time setting up the Pixhawk 4 so I decided to try the new 4.2.x stable release on it for my quadplane. When performing the Servo Output options I’ve noticed that the Servo Outputs (under the setup tab) for the Quad motors (aux 9-13) didn’t worked at all, it Always stayed at 0 output even if the plane was fully armed. I dont know what might be doing wrong or if there is any other parameter that I might be missing. So I decided to upload the 4.1.7 stable firmware on it, and copy some of the config parameters from another aircraft running the same firmware on a Holybro Durandal. That seems to work but I’m in doubt what is needed in order to make it work on the 4.2.x firmware.
Thanks for any advice!

Hello @f_quint

It would be nice to have your parameter list to analyze.

In this meanwhile, check the BRD_PWM_COUNT, it should be at least 5 in this setup you sent.

That parameter is gone in 4.2 From the Changelog.
GPIO pins configured by setting SERVOx_FUNCTION to -1 (also see SERVO_GPIO_MASK. BRD_PWM_COUNT removed

Hi @BrunoBagarini as @dkemxr mentioned, the parameter is gone, however I think the SERVO_GPIO_MASK could be the answer, but haven’t searched enough information about it.
Here is my parameter list from Plane 4.2, but the SERVOx_FUNCTION would be wrong for all the quad motors I think… I configured them using the Servo Output page.
Quadplane_4plus1_Arduplane4dot2.param (19.9 KB)