Pixhawk 4 ardurover firmware can't connect to pc

Hi, i have a pixhawk 4 and im trying to make a boat. I flashed my pixhawk 4 with ardurover on mission planner 1.3.74 but after its done flashing the pixhawk reboots but then the ports aren’t there. i just have 1 port called pixhawk4 in my device manager and it shows up on mission planner as MindPX Com 7 and i cant connect to it. When i flash arducopter or plane it’s working fine im able to connect and setup the pixhawk. Any help would be appriciated.

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Issue fixed, someone on github recommended using ardurover 4.1DEV you can do this by pressing Ctrl+Q on the install firmware screen on mission planner. The issue seems to be fixed in 4.1 beta will be out in a month or so for testing.