Pixhawk 4 and SDP3x airspeed not compatible?

I have tried all settings possible but can not get the SDP3x sensor working on a pixhawk 4. Is there anyone here who has gotten this combination working? I have the latest plane firmware installed (plane v4.2.2). It is plugged into the I2C A port.

I thought the sensor was bad, but when I tried it on a pixhawk 2 cube it works (same firmware on both, tried same settings)

I have run out of ideas. Is there possibly no support for the SDP3x on Pixhawk 4?

Seems I have solved it. It works when i set ARSPD_BUS=3

Dont understand why, as instructions says to use 0,1 or 2, but I guess I’m too much of a noob.

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