Pixhawk 3.3.3 sr1,sr2,sr3 goes to 0

I have a hexa with pixhawk and 3.3.3 , for 4 monts working great

I ussually connect my tellemetry 433mhz with tower and mission planner and always working very good but today for no reason all values of sr1, sr 2 , sr3 go to 0

Now i cant connect through tellemetry

I made a erase of pixhawk and put again the 3.3.3 but the sr1 , 2 , 3 stays at 0

Is there any factory settings for those values?

For future use to help i m uploading my sr_0 , sr_1 , sr_2 parametrs

Now i can connect through tellemetry in mission planner and in tower app

But i believe the thing that solved my problem is that i change at parametrs of pixhawk the TELEMETRY_LATE from 0 to 10

The sr1…2…3… parameters are really for an osd. They are used to put out mavlink packets without been asked for them. Are both yellow LEDs solid or are they blinking on the telemetry units?

There are 2 green leds that are solid and the yellow ones blinking

Oh yours is different then mine. I have yellow and red LEDs. I suspect the green LEDs are the link status, so solid LED is an active link and the yellow LED is packet activity.

I had the same issue with 3.3.4 when configuring telemetry on a PixRacer. My experience is that these values are “display only”, and are populated after a serial connection is already established.

I will take a look at the TELEMETRY_LATE option myself.