Pixhawk 3.2 drifting in stabilize-> crash

I am a completely new pilot.
Tarot t810
15x5.5 props
Simonk 40A esc’s
Tarot 4114 motors Pixhawk and external GPS/Compass.

After takeoff the hex constantly wants to drift right and back. This has led to several low altitude crashes and hard landing. I have tried to take off in loiter and or althold mode and there does not seem to be enough power so I have been trying to take off in stabilize mode and run auto tune but have been unable to control the hex once in the air. I thought I had a vibration issue but looking at the logs I am not sure if I do. If someone could take a once over the last two logs and look at ACCX,Y and Z and confirm that O do not have a vibration issue I would greatly appreciate that. Many thanks.

you have to fly above 2 meters at least for 10-15 second to get accurate and valid data to do vibration analysis.

The data in these logs is insufficient.

Btw, from the few seconds that are registered, vibrations seems 5x or 10x outside maximum values! How is fixed the flight controller board to the copter?

ps: and check the current sensing as it was not function correctly.