PIXHAWK 2 with 2 GPS units

I got a new PIXHAWK 2 board for building a drone with some failsafe operations. I have 2 HERE GPS units and I am wondering how to configure them to make them work simultaneously and switch between them if one is faulty?
Thank you

GPS_AUTO_SWITCH 1 will enable switching to whichever unit has a better fix (estimated by higher GPS mode status, or if equal higher satellite count). This can cause some jumps in position however, so in the newer AC-3.5 RC (and on master, I’m not sure if it’s in a plane beta release or not) GPS_AUTO_SWITCH 2 enables continous blending of the GPS information to try and maintain a smooth and reasonable position. The biggest notes on it are that you should be using 2 units of the same type so if you have 2 HERE unit’s you are good to go.

According to the Docs page, it is not recommended to use both because it can cause unstable behavior; Thus, it makes me wonder, if using the Here+ and Here simultaneously, which should the Here + be the the prevailing unit?, is there a way to set it up so that the info on the Here + can be used for tagging pictures only, and the Here can be used for navigation?

I am in the same boat. I have a Here and a Here+.

I can see the issue with AutoSwitch (without more parameters to know when to switch)

And Blend mode defeats the purpose of the Here+ RTK

I don’t see the benefit of both GPS receivers without the ability in the APM of having more options for handling 2 GPS receivers. Like the ability to use the second GPS as a check. I have had a flyaway with a bad GPS during flight that I had to quickly recover with manual flight. It would be nice to have the second GPS used to verify +/- 100 feet and through GPS warnings or go into Failsafe/Hold Alt mode or something. Otherwise the Two GPS units don’t help with redundancy or accuracy.

can you put a link with more info?
We all want double gps for safety, let’s see how.

I had some big issues by using blend mode whit m8p and m8n , could those be coused by diferent types (m8n and m8p)