Pixhawk 2 Voltage Fluctuating

Hi Guys,
I keep having this problem with my pixhawk 2 where the voltage will just bounce around and not read accurately. I’ve tried two power modules with the same problem. Any suggestions? Below is a video of the problem with a screenshot of my battery monitor settings.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx2zFr-UtqQ

Pixhawk 2
Pixhawk 2 power module
Battery: 6s
APM: 3.5.4

I have only used the battery monitors a little bit, but I believe this amount of fluctuation in normal. (I saw +/- 2V on approx 24V reading.) Can someone else confirm?

Mine (On a pixhawk1) only fluctuates about 0.02v.
This is the same on a build with the old style power module (4-6S) and a Mauch sensor + powercube (12S).

Under the full parameter tree, expand the BATT section and post a screenshot of those parameters. That voltage fluctuation is a LOT, and probably not right.

the manufacturer should, (or you can), add a small capacitor to the output from the voltage divider, that would help a lot.

Such fluctuations are not normal. I made simple voltage dividers by myself and they do not fluctuate. Everything beyond 0.1V (up to 6S) has to be fixed. You need to check the voltage on the power module. If the voltage fluctuates there, then the module is defective. If not, it is maybe the cable.

I saw this problem the other day after I created a voltage divider. I think the large number for the voltage divider calc is part of the problem. Measure the actual voltage of the battery and put it in field 1. This should also set field 3 to a reasonable number, something under 10.

Thanks for all the replies! The issue was that I didn’t realize I had the power module plugged into the POWER2 port on the Pix2. My bad!