Pixhawk 2 vibration dampening advice

For a mega size drone 2.6 by 2.6 m (excluding props) we have a totally different vibration level as the smaller drones. our vibrations are in the 10 to 60 hertz depending on the load, speed of motors, props, etc…
can the direct placement of the PX 2 cube on the frame be worthwhile trying or is it not recommended. Our logs show with current placement on a 4 O rings hinged frame (similar to the one in the vibration damping section) quite some vibrations still. We will do further analysis but want to know 1) for PID tuning max vibration values acceptable for the PX2 and 2) which hertz values of vibration are affecting the D value setting most (is there a range of vibrations (htz) that is particularly messy for the D value tuning?)

hope to hear from you, Winfried

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