Pixhawk 2 using pixhawk 1 power module

I have a pixhwak 1 current sensor/power brick that I would like to use with my pixhawk 2. I have to cut the cables as the connectors are different. where can I find what the pixhawk 1 has for a pin out and what pixhawk 2 has? I don’t want to get it wrong and fry it.

I can tell you from experience that if you blow the sensor it can take out your Pixhawk.

Early days I upgraded a copter to run 7S batteries totally forgetting the sensor is rated to only 4S.
It actually lasted for half a dozen test flights until it finally gave out.
The Pixhawk was uncommunicative after that.
It ran, but the multi plex’ on the i/o was blown so no communications at all.
Lesson learnt.

I agree. One of my issues with the sensor that comes with pix2 is the sensor. I have a few sensors for version 1 that are rated for 6s. I hope I don’t need to buy more for the pix2