Pixhawk 2 ‘The Cube Burned Out?

Greetings colleagues. Conducted a power switch test between ports. Wiring diagram Power port 1 much hyb-bec 12 + Mauch PL-sensor., Power port 2 Hex Power Brick Mini. Power was supplied on two lines at the same time. I turned off the Power port 1 while the controller switched to power from the Power port 2, after 5 seconds I turned on the Power port 1 while the Mauch PL-sensor burned down. After that, my Pixhawk 2 ‘The Cube will not start. When power is supplied via Power port 1, there is no reaction. When power is supplied via Power port 2 or USb, the cube diodes blink, but it does not start, the computer does not see it. Blinks 2 times diodes green-orange. What could be faulty?

Sounds like you have fried the Cube.
When you say the

What exactly do you mean?
Have had a power sensor fail and go to full battery voltage.
That fries whatever it is connected to.

It was not the current sensor that burned down, but the controller itself. Do the test yourself. the controller( pixhawk 2.1) is connected via a standard current sensor port 1 and port 2 simultaneously. Disconnect port 1 - the controller will switch to the power of port 2, after 5 seconds, turn on port 1 - the controller will burn.

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Have you recreated this issue with another cube? This sounds very concerning.

Unfortunately, the cube is quite expensive, and I can not burn them for the sake of experiment. I wrote here in community in hope that developers will see and check this bug.

Thanks for the tip, I posted a post about this issue. I really hope that it will work out