Pixhawk 2 Serial6 connector

I’m buildng a new quadcopter with mavlink osd and mavlink radiotelemetry on serial2 connector, opticalflow sensor and dshot escs telemetry on serial 4/5, storm32 gimbal on telem1…

I would like to connect a lidar somewhere… According to parameters list, I’m thinking to serial6 or serial0 (serial 0 reserved for usb connector ?).

But I don’t know where are serial0 and serial1…

Could you tell me serial 1 and serial 6 connectors please… ?

Pixhawk 2.4.8

There are 5 serial ports (1-5), USB is serial 0. Which Lidar?

There seems to have serial 6 according to copter parameters list :

I’m planning to use a YDLIDAR X4 lidar (cheap but seems to be enough accurate).

I will custom firmware code to add ydlidar x4 support

You have right, pixhawk board seems to doesn’t have serial6 pins

Yea, the parameter list has many functions a Pixhawk 2.4.8 doesn’t have. Free something up using I2C or CAN. I’m not sure that YP Lidar would be suitable for a multirotor. Unless it’s moving very slowly…