Pixhawk 2 Issues with 3.4.2


I am using Pixhawk 2 running on 3.4.2 firmware and have following issues

  1. Unable to do ESC calibration, Pls provide steps.
    I am not getting the LED patterns that we get in Pixhawk 1

  2. Flight display data is reversed, How do I make it normal ?

  3. Battery monior settings, what “APM ver” and "Sensor"do I select ?


Do all the steps of the wizard (initial setup) then report your feedback.

Flight data display is up side down due to factory process, so the need to perform the wizard…


hi, please set the parameter AHRS_ORIENTATION to 0 for normal configuration of HUD.Other than that, the setup of pixhawk2 should be very similar to pixhawk 1.



For the Pixhawk 2.1 power brick, how do I set the Battery monitor settings
Which version of MP supports it