Pixhawk 2 Getting Started

Yes, use the same method as PH1

@proficnc The joke that you just don’t seem to get is that everyone that is going to rip your work off without credit will have Altium.

As far as I understood it an Altium license against ripping work off it was not the point in @proficnc explanation.

Today later I going to clone pixhawk 2.1 repository and create a branch for project sources converted to kicad. Everyone are welcome to participate. It could be a solution for OSH issue.

That is great. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to convert. I have no doubt that it can only be good for PixHawk 2 and it’s software development if more people can get to view the schematics

And personally I have no interest in the layout. I would be happy to keep that private

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you could try this…

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Here is repository and branch for transition to KiCAD

Currently it has no converted artefacts yet. They will be pushed a bit later.
Feel free to participate…

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Hi, sorry if I am low knowledge level, so I do my simple questions
firmware will be needed to flash with first units (link) and a little guide, mision planer it’s fine.
The 2 gps inputs, are the second 6pins for previous pxk conectors? and will work old gps on new 8 pin connector input? how, schemes, and it is worth use 2 gps units? for safety and precision maybe?
Connectors, will be availble on dealers to adapt old/other hardware? I mean bec’s, sensors, telemetry, gps,…
Intel edison why? some example it will worth?
Thanks, I just try to be ready

According to ph 2.1 manual the gps with 8 pin has a safty switch.Is it the same gps you are reffering to with the green led on side and red on the middel?

Yes, that’s the same.

Firmware, mission planner, and Q-ground control
The primary GPS has the safety button

Old GPS can go on either position.

Contact your distributor for cable and accessory questions, there are options coming.

It ships with cables to suit the old GPS and telemetry

The Edison is a blank slate! I am really curious to see how the community uses this!

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Happy Flying :slight_smile: Today is a good day for ArduPilot HW :slight_smile:

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