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Pixhawk 2 Getting Started

Hi All
Welcome to the Ardupilot Discuss forum. This is a great place to learn from others, and help others while using your Pixhawk 2 Autopilot with Ardupilot. Please go to for info on pixhawk2

Before posting, Please check out the Wiki for your platform by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

If your Autopilot is broken, please contact the store you purchased it from for support.



Hi Phil,
Are you shipping yet?
I just checked the Pixhawk 2 User Group on DIYD and did not see any announcement concerning the start of Pixhawk 2 shipments.

Not yet
We should have the first units coming off the line this month!

Will blog the details as they come to light…


Hi Phil,
Well done on continuing with the Pixhawk…I look forward to getting hold of one!
As always your support and that of the community is much appreciated!
Best regards

hey everybody
i don t understand something…does it need cube module+ an another board to flight with the cube?
do you have a littlle idea about the price range?
i hope you are going to close the file design because we need support money for the communauty

Hi, are you able to give any more details on the dimension of the pic hawk suit (carrier board and cube). Currently scratch building a drone and was hoping to use your new system.

Do you have a date for online sales or through your retailers?

Thanks Ryan

Is it possible to pre order?

Hi All, if you have a look on the site, you will see that there are breakout boards for the cube.
no preorders yet.

Solo? Yea, its a beautiful machine with some really nice functionality…

How can I make this work on any random rig I want to build, thats cooler than theirs?

Well, this is a bit of a complicated question but removing the abstraction of the frame, motors, and ESC’s, theres the flight controller (Pixhawk2), and then the onboard computer (AKA SoloLink) which accomplishes the following:

  1. Pushes flight instructions to the FC, and video instructions to the camera
  2. Forms an 802.11 AP interface with the controller, and
  3. Ingests HDMI video from a gopro (or reasonable facsimile) & using gstreamer, pushes this across the formed wifi link to an android or iWhatever device

Thats pretty awesome, how do you know all of this? &

Ive tried looking around for small form factor boards & cant seem to find anything that does HDMI IN ?!?!?!?FTW?!?!?!?

Yea, same here until just recently…

HDMI In, Canbus, not really much on storage, but does wifi by way of a mPCIe slot (Which… if you look around on amazon for laptop upgrades, theres plenty that do 802.11AC that can be found fairly cheap). I would imagine that this (or something close to it) wound up being used as a proof of concept platform for what the solo is built upon?

They have a newer board (the Ventana 5530) which looks more appealing, has more horsepower, has GPS & 9DoF -But lacks HDMI in, canbus, and I2C

Anyways, my question to the community becomes… for purposes of interfacing & communicating with Pixhawk, is canbus the only interface/protocol here or are there other things in play here?

Mavlink using mavproxy is the best way to interface with a co-computer.

HI Phil
So exciting to this message
Can you tell us the time when pixhawk2 been sold?


We will announce that very soon :slight_smile:

sUAS news just posted this …

this is a very dumb question, what is the functionality split between the cube and the breakout chassis? the cube is the brains and the breakout chassis is needed to connect to all the peripherals ? do you essentially need one cube and one chassis breakout for a full system ?

I may be wrong but I think there is an 80 pin connector that has all the pins for everything so instead of a harness from the 80 pin to all sorts of other loose connectors (like a wire harness) you can use the board

Correct, so the cube is the autopilot, and as Nick said, there is an 80 pin connection on the base with all the possible connections.

To use the cube, you need to have a board of some sort designed to fit the cube. It could be the full carrier board that is provided in the kit, or it could be a custom board.

For examples, look at the SpektreWorks copter, Solo, or some of the other custom boards already around.

There will also be a mini carrier board coming soon.

The cube itself is modular, with the FMU being able to be used by itself for small vehicles

Might have to go for the ventana board if nvidia doesn’t get hdmi encoding working. Trying to put together a rover UAV swarm.

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Yea, I hear ya… The JetsonTX was my first pick & is what I would prefer to use, but…

Converting HDMI to MIPI CSI? Yea… Im sure it can be done, but its a bit above & beyond my forte. If only they had universal connectors for SFF motherboards that EVERYONE used & a premade pixhawk fire cape, or something like it that fit it & took onboard video into account.


Am I just inquiring on the availability date for the pixhawk2 from “your” online store or from any of your other official retailers?

Thank you

MadD MacKx


I assume that when rtk rover gps module when no base is present it acts like normal gps

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