Pixhawk 2 Getting Started

Confirmed, site works fine now, and thanks for the clarification about the RX power.

I am really looking forward to test how well the isolation will perform on a 15" quad, with about 1.9kg TOW (which is good for about 75 minutes of flight time per battery). This beast is quite problematic with the classic 3DR foam and Pixhawk 1 due to the low prop RPMs.

Hi Philip
What MCU you use in Pixhawk 2 Cube.

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Hi Everbody !!

What is the microcontrontroller used in Pixhawk 2.1.
Any updates or it is the same Pix1’s STM32F427 ??

The 2.1 is the STM23F427
We will be releasing an STMF7 version next year. The cube pinout is locked down, so next years Cube will be compatible with this years carrier boards.

Right now Pixhawk 1’s mcu has 1 MB flash limit issue as mentioned in this post


What about Pixhawk 2 MCU rev no. ??
Is it the same Rev 1 or Rev 3 ???

Hey :slight_smile: awesome news good job.

but i have 2 more questions:

Will it be 100% compatible to MissionPlanner so i can use it with my current setup?
Will it be compatible with all the “old” PH1 sensors like gps,current,ultrasonic,lidar,camera feedback etc?

so it is possible to easily upgrade all my PH1 UAVs to PH2 without a hassle ?


Rev 3… In fact, most of last years Pixhawk 1’s were also rev 3

Yes, it’s mission planner compatible!

Yes, it comes with connectors for all your old gear.

Hello Phil,
Is there a recommended hardware to use with the Pixhawk 2? such as Gimbal, GPS, OSD, telemetry, VTX?
I would like to know if there’s is particular brand or piece of hardware that it’s not compatible with the FC.
I see that the FC will come without GPS or telemetry.

I’ve been reading and watching carefully in the shadows until the time was right.
Release was set for “sometime in September”, so I placed an order sometime in September. Now, and understandably with any new development, things have been pushed out, and the current site states: “sometime in October.” With orders filled and booked, you need to have dates from your suppliers absolutely locked in. I understand your suppliers may have dropped a ball or two, but you need to be on top of that and have firm dates to relay to customers. Your lack of realistic date communication to your customers via the website before all of us suckers ordered is disappointing. It seems like this whole program is backburnered time and time again…
I’m also wondering about GPS unit that looks like is coming soon. I would feel silly slapping an old 3dr GPS unit on this awesome cube. The description about the GPS you have coming looks like it would be a great compliment to the cube. but at this point it’s just an image of a 3D model so I suspect its no where near close to release.
October is here. Can you please give firm dates?

You are welcome to ask for a cancellation, I’m sorry for the delays.

You are right that this project has been put on hold many times, it was first ready for release in December 2014. So I feel your pain.

The Staff in the factory are working to get this out the door, but we had PCB supply delays, and now a Typhoon… With another one predicted. This stuff is just not in our control.

If you need a Pixhawk ASAP, please order a Pixhawk 1 from Northox, they are in stock now.

Did you post L x W x H specs yet? I need to know how much space is needed in my plane!

ASM_PIXHAWK2_Screws.PDF (80.2 KB)

here is a better drawing :slight_smile:

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Thanks!, It is alot smaller than I expected, which is good news!

Is the content of https://github.com/PX4/Hardware.git still current for the pixhawk2 cube? In particular are FMUv3_REV_D, and IMUv3_REV_C the current hardware? I was looking at how hard it would be to redesign the IMU portion to avoid the rigid-flex arrangement ($$$), and use an FFC instead.

https://github.com/proficnc/pixhawk2.1.git contains a duplicate of PSMv3_REV_C, which is also located in the above repository. The IMU schematic included seems be a work-in-progress derivative of the IMUv3_REV_C, perhaps to be used for the upcoming GPS module (which includes an additional IMU, and ?NEO-M8P-0? GPS)?

It’s unfortunate that the 4mm version DF17(1.0H)-80DP-0.5V / DF17(3.0H)-80DS-0.5V (note the H after the height) of the DF17 has been retained, as this is not readily available. The header for 5-8mm variants are much more easy to come by.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know what is available and what is not available for purchase. The website of Pixhawk 2 online store is not very clear. What does the Pixhawk 2 suite include? Is the new GPS available for purchase?

Thanks in advance

As far as we all know, things are still being developed on the production side and tests and software support are being worked. If you are interested in the 2.1, you will have to wait. You can buy a P1 and still use the ports on the P2.1!

the Suite comes with the cube, the carrier board, the Power module (8s) and cables to suite the existing pixhawk 1 accessories.

The GPS will be available to order next month, with deliveries starting early December.

hi, when you send the first units?

November at this point