Pixhawk 2 Edison/ Pixhawk Cube Build Issues and SPKT Cable

Hello, and thanks for hosting what looks like a great community.

I picked up a Pixhawk 2 and an Edison board for a quadcopter build (and possibly to mow the yard, but that’s the bonus round).

I’ve honestly had a pretty rough start. The documentation for the Pixhawk 2 seems to be a incredibly sparse compared to the PX4 (If some help is needed, I can pitch in). I’ve spent close to 10 hours trying to cajole the Edison board to stand up, but continually had issues flashing the board. I was able to get the ground station software to receive data over the USB link, and Windows actually reported the Edison as a drive location at one point. Ultimately, I put the integration piece on hold (It’s too nice outside to poke at computers after work). I pulled the board, resealed the box, and put it on the shelf.

I actually repurposed my “scary” laptop to serve as a ground station, so I could start fresh. I worked through the Mission Planner wizard (hit a snag with the power brick sensor, as it is not properly identified that I have been able to find), and then came to a full dead stop at the radio integration.

I’m trying to use my existing Spektrum radio transmitters and receivers. In some of the write-ups I’ve read, the Pixhawk 2 is called out as being designed to use some of the better features of these radios. Yet when I go to hook the radio up using a one-wire connector, the system is not reading the inputs (Which sounded to me like a servo connector… I know. Three wires. But you “always” have to have power and ground).

So I tried another receiver. Then another transmitter receiver pair. Nothing. Then, I started digging again (The transmitters and receivers haven’t been used in years, there was a fair chance that one or two was having issues).

Where do I find a SPKT cable? How is this rare little gem not talked about more? Is this going to answer my problems with the radio? Does the SPKT cable provide power to the receiver as well?

I need to post a picture of this, but I figured out what the SPKT cable is.

If you are using a Spektrum receiver with a “Diversity Antenna” or “Satellite Antenna”, take the Satellite antenna and plug it in to the SPKT port. This seemed counter-intuitive to me. I was trying to plug the “receiver” with the servo pins into the SPKT port.

More as I progress.