Pixhawk 2 can't connect to mission planner

Yesterday, my pixhawk 2.1 stopped working on me. With the memory card in, when I connect it to the computer, I’ll get a quick flash of yellow, followed by a solid amber light on the front of the cube, and a flashing amber light on the back of the cube. Then after about 5 seconds, the flashing light will turn off and the solid amber will start flashing for about 5 seconds then that one turns off as well and there are no more lights.
If I plug the cube in without the memory card in, it starts the same way, but the solid amber light stays solid while it’s plugged in.
I tried connecting the buzzer to see if I can any noise and there isn’t anything.
The last time I plugged it in before yesterday was 5 months ago and it worked fine. To my knowledge, nothing has happened to it in those 5 months as it’s sat in it’s box in my garage.

Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated!

What firmware have you loaded into the Cube?

Have just had this with a Cube on 3.6.0-rc7 Chibios running the Nova GPS drivers.

The fix I used was to plug it in to MP and quickly go to the Firmware Load window.
When it couldn’t see the board I unplugged it and plugged it in.
In that initial moment it was able to enter the boot loader and install 3.5.7
It is now working again and has flown.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the reply!
I’m pretty new at this stuff so I’m not quite sure where I can check what firmware is on the cube. I’ve taken the SD card out and hooked it up and all that is on it is a logs folder with .BIN files, and a Terrain folder with one DAT file. Last time I had it working, it was plugged into my old laptop and it actually took off on me while plugged in and it crashed my laptop but there appeared to be no damaged to the Cube, just props and laptop. This was 5 months ago and now when I try to plug it into any power source, the connect seems very loose and I actually have to jiggle the cable a bit to find the right spot. Could it be that the connection on the Cube’s micro usb port got damaged when it tried to launch while plugged into my laptop and when I plug it in, it’s not passing the connection failsafe?

Yes, by the sound of it you have screwed the USB port.
It can be quite picky with USB cables when the Cube is undamaged.

And you have learned Rule1 at least, never work on it with props mounted. :wink:

It could be just the metal outer of the USB socket is stretched and tightening it up may help.