Pixhawk 2 Analog RSSI pin

anyone know what pin is for Analog RSSI on the new pixhawk 2.1

can anyone answer this 2 months i looked and and emailed this question
even the people that make it don’t answer it cant be that hard ?

Hi Colin,

Are you looking for the pin number? It’s the same as in the Pixhawk, 103.

Hi thanks
is thats the same as PX1
the signal pin of the S.Bus Out ?
i hate to let the magic white smoke out :astonished:

Yes, it’s the same pin.

Did it work for you on Sbus output? (for Pixhawk 2.1).
I tried with my Thomas Scherrer receiver but doesn’t work. This rx has analog Rssi output with 0.5 to 3.3V from min to max.
My parameters are:


Can anyone help me please? thank you!!!

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