Pixhawk 2.4.8 to control flir camera settings ONLY not the drone

P.ixhawk will have NOTHING to do with the drone. Camera docs show three cables.
One plugged into Pixhawk Telemetry 1. The other 2 are PWM3 and 4 and are plugged
into Pixhawk auxiliary outputs. The pixhawk will be connected sbus on a Radiolink R12DS.
GPS module is plugged into the Pixhawk.
I am barely computer literate. Struggled to get Mission Planner installed. This pixhawk is
STRICTLY for GPS and a few camera settings attached to PWM3 and 4 in the Flir app.
No drone, voltage, data, servos …nothing. I need no flight controls.
What do i have to configure in Mission Planner? Firmware update ? The radio section ?
Thanks, Oldranger.

Will this be on a fixed-wing or multirotor aircraft? I ask that just so you can load the same type of firmware which might make things easier (or not)
Do all or your First Time Setup and calibrations (accel/gyro, compass, RC radio), then the camera connections might be like this:

Give it a go, see what you come up with and then describe the exact issues.

Got it. Will do. Thank you very much.
( i did search pixhawk flir )

Well, didnt get far. install firmware, copter v4 ( 4 rotors) platform, 3 or 4 choices, all pixhawk 1 variations 1, 1-1M, 1-1M- bdahot.
. i have 2.4.8. Sorry, but this stuff never works for the uninitiated.

Pixhawk1 is the correct firmware for your flight controller

Thank you. i read the flir link. good info on the pixhawk settings. i got a gps module to record locations of flir targets. Then it dawned on me that i see gps data on the drone controller so i’ll just take notes of targets and forget the still images required by flir. I can then use p3 and p4 to change color pallets (3) scene, or the 3 zoom options.
Thanks again. You are appreciated.