Pixhawk 2.4.8 recurring errors

I have a pixhawk 2.4.8 and I keep getting some error message or the other,
“waiting for home” or inconsistent compass error (I have had to calibrate my compass so many times! I would have flown just 2 hours before and I have had to compass dance) or newly I have gotten “prearm check magfield: 2000 something.,.”, also GPS glitches (which gets cleared automatically, and today my compass would not calibrate no matter what I did! ( something along " compass 1 is below threshold") etc.

So, is this normal with any pixhawk or is mine very bad? or am I doing something wrong?
I do take off in a narrow space in between a small house and trees, but sometimes there no problem at all! and everything works flawlessly, and other times, it just would not work!

what can I do to make it work consistently?

You should never take off at such locations. When you do it is normal that sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

To avoid frustration, just don’t do it.

BTW you should only calibrate the compass outside with good GPS reception. Away from trees, buildings and metal objects.
Again this avoids frustration.

And once it is correctly done you do not need to repeat it.

Please provide a .bin log and we can check more. Upload it to a filesharing service and provide the link for sharing.
There could be any number of problems, from GPS wiring or poor performance, to vibrations, electrical interference… The list goes on.
It’s unlikely you would ever need to redo the compass calibration if it was done while you had a GPS 3D Fix.

Oops, my bad then!

it worked without any error today! But I had to recalibrate the compass, with a full GPS fix.
I do calibrate with GPS fix but I guess it is the buildings and trees that affect it. I have like around 30 ft clearance from any tree or building, I guess that is not enough?

Thanks for clearing that up! I suppose I gear up to blame the flight controller way too fast :melting_face: (too many people on the internet blaming the clone influences me I guess)

@xfacta Sure! here is the .bin file! - Easyupload.io - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily.

I remember very well that this was mentioned, but then when I get compass errors, I just recalibrate the compass and it works fine!
Does it do more harm when I keep clearing errors by recalibration?
I do have VTX and telemetry, the telemetry in particular is connected to a 9 dbi antenna (which is pointed toward the ground)…does this cause significant interference? plus I have three servos and an additional 2s battery pack to power them…