Pixhawk 2.4.8 or Kakute F7

I’m building a quad and here is a question. Should I use a pixhawk or should I buy a Kakute F7 instead? I intend to use BLHeli32 ESCs with DShot.
Is Kakute fully supported and is it worth it?

I just set up 2 Kakute F7’s and absolutely love them !!! The hardware and sensors on the Kakute F7 are newer and more capable. They are just barely using what this flight controller is capable of, I expect that they will be improving firmware for this device for years to come. Having a built in OSD takes a lot of wiring and work out of the process, and is just icing on the cake. My next copter for freestyle flying will also have a Kakute F7 in it.


Thanks. I’ve ordered one. Hopefully it will be alright…