Pixhawk 2.4.8 not flying stable

Hi guys, I have just finished configuring my Pixhawk 2.4.8 on q ground control. I was able to arm and fly it but its flying really wobbly. When I arm it, it lifts up slightly and is just not having a stable flight at all. Its often coming back and left and I am constantly having to push the sticks forward and right respectively.

Also, when I disarm the drone, I press the safety switch again and arm it but it doesn’t happen. I have to remove the battery and plug it back in and then it arms.

What have I done wrong and what should I do? Please explain me in a detailed way as I am a beginner and new to this.

Thank you.

Your going to have to provide flight logs from the Pixhawk for any real analysis.
The description is too vague to give any real answer to what might be happening beyond the obvious vibrations, unbalanced, not calibrated correctly.

can I send a video on what exactly is happening?

FYI Flight logs are really needed. Here is how to post. If log too big use a file sharing service; See below link.


But I don’t use mission planner. I am unable to connect my Pixhawk to it and not able to configure.

You cab pull the dataflash sd card and post files.
Do you have aces to a PC for that?
There are apps that will work to set up that work on a smart phone as well:

So basically you are asking me to put a sd card like the black box of a plane and asking me to post the flight data to you?

Yes, That SD card is the “black box” Take some time and start reading the wiki;
Starting Here:

Go through each subject to see hoe things work.

Once a log is posted others can maybe help. Maybe not me, but others on the site. Just don’t expect answers as soon as you post as many here that only are on line a few times a day. Setting up copter per wiki will be needed to fly properly. without a log it is only guess work as too sorting problems. Mission planner works great and many use it, so you need to get access to it or one of the other control programs to set up your machine.

When you post a log put info an you machine. Things like type of FC, version of FC software, type of motors, props, all up weight of to help with problem solving.

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What happens when you try to connect the Pixhawk to Mission Planner?

FYI: You can downlooad ArduPilot vehicle flight logs using QGC: https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/analyze_view/log_download.html

Are you using a Windows computer, or a Mac?

What indications to you get when you connect the Pixhawk to your computer?

I am using a Mac but it didn’t work and then used a windows laptop to configure it.

Hi Folks🙋🏼‍♂️
I have to report the same as this topic.

Unstable Flight, wobbling around in Stabilize and unable to control in PosHold with massiv angle overshoots by Stick input… Copter try to hold Position but start to draw circles in the sky that become bigger.
Setup is Black Cube S800 Hexa Frame E800 propulsion System.

@Matthias you will need to post the .bin file for anyone to see what is happening.

Otherwise it’s just guesses.

Thank you @mboland👍🏻 You are right… but for now I’ve changed to Arducopter. The AUTO_TUNE feature maybe solve my issues.

@JoeBreznai Can you please share me any guide/instructions to display my flight logs and setup my sd card on my flight controller to share this flight log with you?

@oldgazer1 I connect it, and then it says RC11:minimum is greater than trim, some error message like that, and also I am not able to calibrate my ESC.

Hi @Sashvat , It seems like you uploaded Ardupilot firmware, not PX4. Both problems you mentioned here occurs when you download Ardupilot firmware from QGC.