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Pixhawk 2.4.8. Mini OSD and FPV interference problem

Hello everyone,

well, I have manage to set everything considering my Pixhawk 2.4.8. based hexacopter, but there’s one problem i cannot solve. Namely, I have connect my FPV and mini OSD (used wiring scheme from and I have interference between them (see screenshot).

When I connect only mini OSD to transmitter without camera it shows all data crystal clear…also, when I connect video out from camera directly to transmitter, pic is clear…but after connecting camera through mini OSD i get interference.

Any idea?


See if by accident your mini os doesn’t have an internal converter from 12 to 5v. Then when you supply the 12v voltage it is produced for the rest of the 5v electronics and shorts the supplied 5v from pixhawk. Try disconnecting the 12 volt with a minimum os and connect this voltage only to the camera and the transmitter not to the 12v mini os connector.

or cut 5v from pixhawk. Then the minios will be powered from an internal 12v to 5v converter from the supplied 12v.

Hey MarcK…thank you for you answer. I’ll try this today…

Unfortunately, nothing was changed…same thing. I’m waiting for FTDI to be delivered from AliExpres so I will try to update the firmware. I hope that will solve my problem. :frowning:

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