Pixhawk 2.4.8 Main Led problem!

I have the pixhawk 2.4.8 clone and I am facing problem with the main Led. When I load the arduRover V3.5.0 (or previous rover firmware, using Mission Planner ), it doesn’t work. I tried an external led and it worked. However, in some ocasions after some time of operation was also stopped.

Furtermore, with the arduRover when I connect the telemetry (Telem1 port) or connect 5 volt power to Pin 102 the main led is slightly lighting/flashing in red colour.

If I load the arducopter quad or heli the main led is ok, working fine!
What could be the reason of this malfunction? Is it a hardware or a software problem?

I have the same issue. With Rover 3.4.2 loaded, the main LED functions as per the documentation. With Rover 3.5.1 loaded, the LED does not illuminate. An external LED has a dim red colour regardless of the status of the PixHawk.