Pixhawk 2.4.8 main LED does not illuminate

I’ve had this flight controller for quite a while and up until today it has been flawless.

Because of the current pandemic I have been staying home, and the weather has really sucked, so today I decided to check out my 700mm quad.

I connected Pixhawk to my computer and ever thing was fine. At connection time MP threw up a dialog box about upgrading to AC 4.03, so I did. That’s when stuff hit the fan.

The problem is the main LED is dark. I also have a remote led/usb board and that LED is dark too. The USB works just fine. I know the i2c is working because I have an OLED display and the compass working just fine.

So is this a hardware issue, or did 4.03 puke?

So what gives

If the USB is working…Did you try reloading the firmware? Also did you try and back rev it to what you had before?

Yep. I have the external LED and USB working again, but the main LED is still dark. Other than that the Pixhawk seems to be healthy and as soon as weather permits I’ll do some test flights. I did order a new one just in case…

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