Pixhawk 2.4.8 GPIO general question

Hello all my pixhawk brothers and sisters. I have a hexa build that currently sports the pixhawk 2.4.8. I am running Dshot125 so I currently have all of the motor ESCs hooked up to the pixhawk “aux” ports 1-6. Everything is working as it should be.

My problem is, I am attempting to trigger a relay for a camera shutter however all of the GPIO pins I am being directed to are already currently in use via the dshot125 ESCs. Am I able to utilize the main output 1-8 in order to trigger a relay?

I don’t think there is a Dshot125 protocol. Dshot150 or Onshot125, which is it?

No, the main outs will not produce a relay output but you could possibly use a PWM switch.

Ah yes it is Oneshot125 you are correct. What do you mean by using a PWM switch? I am not able to utilize my AUX channels 1-6.

If you want to use Oneshot125 (not DShot), you can use the normal PWM configuration and have your esc connected to the motor 1 to 6 out of Pixhawk. No need to remap the output, just set Oneshot125 in mot parameters.

@mlebret comment was the reason I was asking. Use the main outputs and your problem goes away.

A PWM switch is just that. It’s a relay that is activated from a PWM input. These will work on any output configured for PWM (Main outputs or AUX outputs not configured for GPIO)