Pixhawk 2.4.8 Crash_check-1

I was testing the flight time, comparing 9 inc props with 10 inch. The machine was hovering stabil on 15 meters altitude and suddenly after seven minutes nice flight the machine comes down with propellers still spinning. No damage but I cant find any error on the log.
Can somebody help me to find the reason to the error.

Regards Yrjö Björkqvist

First look at RCout indicates overweight or underpowered (same thing)
The FFC tried its best to keep you in the air but as the voltage went down and the PWM went up it had M3 maxed out and had no option but to reduce The others to maintain stability.

M3 is also under-performing so I would check it out.

Thanks Mike.

I suppose that the 1045 propellers are too big for my 2212 920 kv motors. I have made more than 100 flights with the 945 propellers.

Regards YB

if the 1045 props were the issue then you wouldn’t of had a nice 7 minute flight, seems it is related to M3, Motor or esc going bad or a wiring issue?