Pixhawk 2.4.8 connections to Redcat Gen7 crawler

Hello, Newbie here!

I am looking for some guidance on how to wire my Redcat Gen7 Pro crawler ESC and Servo to Pixhawk 2.4.8.

Pictures or diagram on wiring connections would be awesome.


I have that vehicle running Rover with a PixRacer. With default parameters Output chan1 is the steering servo and Output chan3 is the the throttle (ESC). Don’t connect the BEC output from the ESC to the servo rail as it’s at 6V, too high for the Pixhawk. Other than that read the Wiki for general setup before asking more questions as much of what you need to know is explained there.

It’s a great platform for Rover I think, I have had a lot of fun with mine.

Thanks for the info Dave.

I have reviewed the wiki and still am a bit confused on what you mean by “Don’t connect the BEC output from the ESC to the servo rail”. Is that a specific wire from the ESC that should be left unconnected to my Pixhawk 2.4.8 FC?

Hi Rich- Yes, the red wire on the 3 conductor signal lead. That is 6Vout which you can use to power the steering servo directly. You only need the black (ground) and white (signal) leads connected to the Pixhawk output.On the stock truck this lead went to the Receiver which then powered the steering servo thru it’s 3 conductor cable. What are using for a Receiver?

For reference this is how I mounted gear on the Crawler. If you look closely you will see I have this red wire connected to the Flight Controller which you can do on a PixRacer because the output rail is isolated. Not the case with the Pixhawk you have.


Perfect! Thanks for clarifying. I am using the stock Rx that came with the truck.


That doesn’t really have enough channels for ArduRover. It was the 1st thing I removed from the truck.You really want a minimum of 4. You definitely need a channel for Flight Mode, this is usually a combination of 2 and/or 3 position switches. An Arming Switch is typical also.