Pixhawk 2.4.8 Cant connect to pc after FM 4.0

Hi. I have a pixhawk 2.4.8( Px1) and it was working very well on my Talon and it was connecting bot of my laptops easily. (one of win7 , other one win 10 ).When i load the arduplane 4.0.5 firmware i cant connect the pixhawk to pc.When i connect the cable , the led indicator doesnt blink. Its doesnt work.There is no com port on the mission planner on both of my pc.When i connect the cable to pc , there is no melodical usb sound on pc. I try another cable , another pc , another driver etc. I opened same topic before that and someone gave a link (https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers) . It worked for 1 time. At the second time , it never works. Please help me …

That time , i solve with another way.
This program solve the problem .I think there is no permanent solve for this problem .I use zadig , one time it works well, another time it doesnt .

This problem about the firmware version. At first , ı used the zadig and pc com port saw the pixhawk .After that i uploaded older version of plane firmware(3.9.0) .Then it works. Now ; i connect my pixhawk to my pc, it works permanently.