Pixhawk 2.4.8 Board Voltage Issue

Hello. I have an issue with board voltage Prearm error and show 3.5v. My Power module is reading at 5.13v mesure with polymeter. I disconect GPS but nothing. What do you thing couse this?

Good day, just be sure the battery is fully charged, check also the cable wired on the fc.

Hello David. The battery is fully charged and I was trying an ather one power module that gives 5v but nothing.

weird… just check pls the parameters of the voltage in MP

As David says. An easy way is to Enable Tuning and check the boardvoltage box like this:

Unfortunaly is the same reading. What else i sould do? First time is this happen to me. Do you think that maybe is the 2.4.8 defective, even if is brand new?

I forgot to mention that the board is very hot. Maybe is a power link?

if the board get very hot im sure that a component is defective, this happen frequently due poor quality components placed during the fabrication

I see. Now what? It is possible to find this defective component and repair it or is not fixeable?

can be the voltage regulator or a capacitor or a resistance, some components are really smal… if you are good in soldering you can replace it., but i wilk never fly with that fc

Ok. Dave and David thank you very much for your help. I priceate!!!

Good day, its a weird behavior… just che the cable or the pins of the I2C.
I suspect a short circuit on the board