Pixhawk 2.4.8 and REV35 35A BLheli 4in1 Esc

I was trying to connect BLheli 4in1 ESC to Pixhawk 2.4.8
BLheli is not detected at all.

Query -
1)Is there any way that I can check ESC independently without Flight controller.

2)May be some wiring connection is wrong. I am doubtful on CRNT and VBAT connection.

Please suggest where these wires (CRNT & VBAT) need to connect with pixhawk Flight controller.

  1. during last trial pixhawk main LED turns off.
    Now I can’t connect pixhawk to Mission planner.
    Any solution to reset pixhawk.

Please help to solve above queries.


Are you using a separate power module? And does that also measure current and voltage? If it does it would be simpeler just to not connect the CRNT (current sensor) and VBAT (unregulated battery voltage).
They are not needed to turn the motors. And not needed to turn on the Pixhawk.
This ESC can not provide whats needed to power the pixhawk, you need a regulated voltage to go to the power port, the easiest way is with a power module.

If you want you can put the CRNT in the power port pin 3, and with a voltage voltage divider in between you can connect Vbat to pin 4. This will measure voltage and current if everything else is setup right but will not power the pixhawk and is not necessary for flight.

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Hi there Rushikesh. Did you manage to get your ESC to work with the Pixhawk? I brought exactly the same ESC but I am not sure if it is going to work? Thanks for your help in advance. Kind Regards. Wimpie

I bought the same ESC. I am having trouble getting it to calibrate. Everything seems to go OK, but when I try to run up the motors they just turn very slowly with no torque. I have tried setting the ESC type to normal, Oneshot etc in Ardupilot to no avail. The quad is Tarot Ironman 650 with Pixhawk 2.1 Black Cube. -Any thoughts?

Better way to keep separate ESC for each motor.
4 in 1 ESC - If any one ESC break down you need to replace complete ESC .