Pixhawk 2.4.6 zener diode

I’m really new to electronic components forgive me if it is a stupid question. I have a 5.6v 1w zener diode and a 16v 220uf capacitor. I couldn’t find 5w one in my country… Using this diode and capacitor would still protect my pixhawk or I should find the 5w zener diode?

Guys please just say something…

You will need a 5W one. (1W one will do only around 180mA instead of the ~1A with the 5W one) 1N5339 is a pretty common part. Worst case mouser.com or farnell.com will ship it to you. But any common parts store should have it or can order for you.

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Thank you so much i will buy 5w one:)