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Pixhawk 2.4.6 not getting GPS lock

(Max Owusu) #1


I’ve been trying to setup my Pixhawk with my Ublox M8N module, but I can’t figured out why it isn’t working. I’m using Qgroundcontrol version 3.4.4 and I have Ardupilot version 3.6.4 on my Pixhawk.

The Pixhawk has a blinking blue LED, which means to my understanding that it’s unarmed and still searching for a GPS signal, and the GPS module has a solid RED Led and that means that it is receiving power. I’ve Connected the 6 pin connector (left to right: red, yellow, green, blank, blank and black) to the GPS port and the 4 pin connector (left to right: blank, red, white and blank) to the 12C port.

It seems like the GPS is getting recognised: I see this message in the information prompt:
u-blox 1 HW: 008000 SW:2.01 (75331). It also states that U-blox is connected and the baud rate at 115200 (which I changed in the parameters).

Unfortunately I still have:

GPS count:0
GPS lock: None
HDOP: 100.0
VDOP: 100.0
Course Over Ground: 0.0

Any help or tips to detect any GPS signal, are much appreciated.


(Peter Hall) #2

Are you outside? Can still some times take several minuets to get a lock for the first time

(Max Owusu) #3

I’ve tried being outside for a little while. I’ll trying staying outside longer, maybe that will help. I would also like to add that I am not able to calibrate using the external compass, only using the internal one. Would this maybe mean that my GPS unit is broken?!31

(David ) #4

How did you mount your gps? you must check also if your gps is near a source coz can give interference. Just calibrate again the compass and in case you have the red bar status disabled it and test it