Pixhawk 2.1 won't get off LAND mode

Hi Guys, I’m trying to fly a OctaQuad and when I plug the battery It automatically switches to LAND and stays there I cant switch back to STABILISE or any other mode. And when I remove the ESC signal wires I can switch I can change mode it normally.
Was wondering if anyone can help me analyse the log or find the reason why it does this?
Many Thanks,

00000004.BIN (556 KB)

Pinpointing the issue in the log is a bit beyond my experience, but it definitely looks like there’s problems.
There seems to be a Ground Station that’s constantly commanding Land mode - you dont even have Land mode available via RC.

Could it be something simple like ESC wires are plugged in wrong/backwards or into the wrong connections?
Or maybe even an RC calibration - after the initial calibration of sticks, then move all pots and switches before moving on.

It’s throwing the errors before it’s finished booting,way before it detects the radio or even compass, so you’ve got a major conflict somewhere.

Powering FC or RX from the ESCs,or where else ? (no power module detected)

What make of X8 ?

This started happening after an attempt to take off in LOITER. After reboot It was not able to arm anymore.

If it was then we should not have able to arm and attempted to take off in LOITER on the first attempt. - the signal wires between ESC and Pixhawk are being investigated - maybe something happened on the wires on the first attempt.

It is using the power module that came with pixhawk 2.1. The RX is getting powered from the RCIN port.

Here are all the logs from the day:

Only real difference I can see is the SR1 numbers change between flight 1 and flight 5.Can’t see that being the cause though.

Strange that the power module isn’t logging volts or current on that level of logging.Mine does.Which also points at firmware corruption along the line.

Personally I’d wipe the board with a Rover firmware and reflash and recalibrate.

It can sometimes be hard to spot something you’ve done wrong.I abandoned a quad I built a short while ago due to flipping on take off and it was only when I pinched the FC for another project that I figured it was mounted backwards on that quad.Should have been taken care of in calibrations but it’s the fact I missed the orientation when I built it that bugs me.I never tried to diagnose if it was the FC doing it.Flies nice in the transplant recipient.