Pixhawk 2.1 When connecting from GPS module to GPS2 port Arm button stops working

Anyone had this issue.
When connecting the GPS module to the Pixhawk 2.1 at GPS2 port on the board then when starting up I can hear the startup tones but LED button does not light up
If I disconnect the module and restart I get the tones and Red led button pulsing
As per usual when I press this I have action.
Do I need a special cable as the GPS is Ardusimple

GP2 2 port does not Support the Safety Switch or LED. It’s for GPS and Mag only. Your primary GPS port os for these.

Are you saying when you connect a 2nd GPS is caused this ?

The wiring for the ports is as follows

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Hi Ian
On the Pixhawk 2.1
GPS Port 1 is used for safety switch and GPS (If you buy the here+)
So with the ardusimple I only have GPS Port 2 (Using the wire loom connecting the Zed-F9P to GPS2)
I have changed some config settings but still see on the screen NO GPS on the screen
I have bypassed the Arming_Require to =0
I now have drive but need the cube to see the GPS module

Roverlist-DGB-4-5-20 NO GPS.param (16.2 KB)
These are all my config changes