Pixhawk 2.1 Telemetry


I’m thinking of buying the Pixhawk 2.1. I would like to install telemetry capability in my plane. What are the appropriate telemetry modem and antenna for the Pixhawk 2.1 in the 2.4GHz frequency? And what is the best place to find it?

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Your question is lacking information.
When you say Telemetry, what are you going to receive that telemetry on?
Mobile device?
RC Transmitter?

They will all require different setups.

So if you can give us more information on what you are trying to achieve, what you already have, and anything else you can think of, we can give you a more complete answer.

Have a look here at the documentation on Telemetry

I want to have a device, telemetry, in my plane that comunicates with my computer and that gives me information to know where the plane is in the Mission Planner programme!


2.4GHz telemetry is not very recommended because of the risk of interference with RC Radio control, but there are small WiFi radios that do work like that and connect to PixHawks.

Example https://www.foxtechfpv.com/cuav-pw-link-wifi-digital-transmission-module.html#yt_tab_products1

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