Pixhawk 2.1 quad copter shopping list


I plan to build a ph2.1 based quad copter.
The aim is to have a super stable copter - the ability to hover in one spot and to move smoothly (no jumping up and down), is important to me.
I wanted to know what I need to buy.

I already have a copter using the Erle Brain, but from my understanding I just need:

PH2.1 carrier + cube
Here GPS
cable set

1, My RC uses a PPM Encoder, where the RC Receiver plugs into the PPM Encoder and the PPM Encoder plugs into the Flight Controller - does the PH2.1 also use this, for the RC or does the RC Receiver plug straight into PH2.1.
2, I plan to use a px4flow and lidarlite v3 (both of which, I already have) - the cables I have for these are standard 4 pin i2c cables - will these work on the PH2.1 or do I need different types of cables?
3, Power Module (would my existing one work or is there a special one which works specifically with the PH2.1). The one I have is compatible with the old pixhawk.
4, should I buy the PH2.1 with or without the intel edison. I ask this because I know the edison is now end of line, so I was thinking of completely ignoring the edison.
5, I don’t have a telemetry transmitter/receiver, because my current Erle Brain uses WIFI (so no need for additional telemetry set). So I believe I will have to buy that, for this copter, to get GCS control. Correct?

I already have copter frame, ESCs, battery, motors, RC.
I shall be using built in BEC from the ESCs, so won’t be using an external ubec.

I plan to buy from https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/

Please give me any helpful advice, so I can order all items, from one place, in a single order.


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  1. The PH 2.1 requires a PPM converter as your describe.
  2. (Sorry, I don’t know)
  3. The PH 2.1 probably comes with a compatible power module and corresponding cable. (I would be very surprised if it didn’t, but read the details carefully before you purchase. The store you selected does come with the power module.)
  4. You don’t need an Edison for all standard ArduPilot flying. I am not sure what other things you’re trying to do that might require it. (I don’t have experience with a px4flow nor lidarlite)
  5. Yes, you will want a telemetry TX/RX pair to connect to your GCS. I see that 433 MHz versions are available via the store you selected.
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Hi @hunt0r

Thanks for your reply.
Another question: in your opinion is the PH2.1 a good flight controller?
It is one of the most expensive currently on the market. Is it worth it, over the cheaper flight controllers?

Sorry, I haven’t used any other flight controllers (except the PH 1), so I don’t have anything to compare against.

Others in this forum may be able to speak to the pros and cons of different systems.

Okay, but thanks for the earlier information you gave. It was helpful.

IMO Pixhawk 2.1 is for more serious flying where things can’t fail (price of Pixhawk 2.1 is usually negligible there)
You can see redundancy everywhere on it
-3 sets of sensors
-2 GPS ports
-2 telemetry ports
-2 power module ports
And is more future proof…?
However, I find it gets less help since less people use it.

Power Module: almost everyone is using MAUCH with Pixhawk 2.1.

Telemetry: Don’t know, I’m using RFD900x

Hi @PittRBM

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding support, at present, does the latest version of ArduCopter work well with The PH2.1? Does it work straight out of the box?
I ask this because with my current flight controller (Erle Brain), the latest version never works and always needs work arounds by developers of the Erle Brain. For example, at present, Erle Brain works with 3.4.6, but is not supported by 3.5.2 (they are still testing and developing).

Yes it does, in fact it won’t work with firmware older than 3.4 (3.3 doesn’t work) according to developers.

Hi Guys,

Is this a suitable power module:

or this perhaps:


And for telemetry, would the following be okay?


Here is my shopping list so far, but not sure if some of the parts are strictly correct.

Power module:

Ph2.1 - Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Suite

GPS for Pixhawk 2 – ‘Here GNSS’

Pixhawk 2 Cable Set