PIxhawk 2.1 OpenTx 2.2 Taranis x9D x8r failsafe help "solved"

Been reading all the docs on 3 forums and not sure I have the radio shutoff failsafe/ rth right.

Have taranis set up too no pulse. Powered x8r without radio on and hit button for a couple seconds.

Have MP set up for failsafe to be rth on switch 7, which I can see on MP that it works. However, when I power down the Taranis x8r, I don’t see any indication that it has invoked rth.

I saw a video on updating the x8r firmware, but not sure I need to do it. I bought the Taranis and x8r about 2 years ago and this is the first I’ve dug it out to play with.

Any suggestions on what I’m overlooking. Always ran Pixhawks with Futaba 8fg in past. My first stab at Taranis…

I’m having a little trouble following what you’re saying. You shouldn’t need to assign a switch for this to happen.

Have you gone through the setup found here: Radio Failsafe

You shouldn’t have to update the receiver firmware. I’m running X8Rs older than that with the same fw that came on it.

You might try setting up the failsafe params in mission planner (or whatever GCS you use) - the way it’s described in the link above, and perform those tests.

They can delete this. Problem solved.

I thought it was straight forward but then I made a misread and set the failsafe Pwm 10 points above low point instead of below. Only perplexed me for 2 nights.

Reread it tonight and voila, it works.

Thanks. Sorry for the bother…