Pixhawk 2.1 not able to power Lightware SF11c


I have Lightware SF11c Lidar. When I connect it to the Pixhawk on the Telem 2 port and set the parameters accordingly in Mission Planner, the pixhawk is not able to power the Lidar. Also, upon connecting the Lidar, the GNSS system goes off.

I tried powering the Lidar from an external 5V source, and am able to get correct readings on the status screen on Mission Planner.

Is there an over power problem on Pixhawk with respect to Lightware Lidar?

I have tried this on two seperate Pixhawks and two seperate SF11c.

Appreciate any help.
Thank you.

No problem: it is documented somewhere, you have to power Lidar from external source.