Pixhawk 2.1 INS_PRODUCT_ID=0

Hi All

I am using Pixhawk 2.1 ,
ArduCopter v3.5.2

In the Full Parameters List , INS_PRODUCT_ID is set to 0.
Is it default?
Any comments ???

Yes, I think line 59 of AP_InertialSensor.cpp indicates that 0 is the default value.

Yes i see there


There should be some number .

I think perhaps I don’t understand your question… Could you explain what you are expecting the value to be, or why you don’t think 0 is an appropriate number?

In Mission Planner >> Config/Tuning Tab>> Full Parameters List

There are options for INS_PRODUCT_ID as

4. PX4v1
5. PX4v2

So i was expecting Option 6 for PX4v3 [Pixhawk 2.1]

Ah, thank you! I think I understand your question now. I am not a dev, but I believe the confusion comes from you using old firmware (3.5.2) on newer hardware (PH 2.1).

One important thing I found is that I think those product id’s have been deprecated and removed since 3.5.2 came out back in March 2016. Here’s the commit, dated Sept 2016, that seems to have done that:

commit 6b88f3367bc4d91432939cce629da01aed6876f2
Author: Lucas De Marchi lucas.demarchi@intel.com
Date: Sat Sep 3 12:40:40 2016 -0300

AP_Common: remove AP_PRODUCT_ID_* macros

These are not used anymore.

But if we look back at the source of 3.5.2, I think lines 161–170 of AP_InertialSensor_PX4.cpp should set your INS_PRODUCT_ID correctly. From lines 127–136 of AP_Common.h, I see that 0 should correspond to Hardware-in-the-Loop (AP_PRODUCT_ID_NONE). My guess is that the product id for a Pixhawk 2.1 should be 5, corresponding to AP_PRODUCT_ID_PX4_V2. Perhaps someone else can verify, or correct me if I’m wrong?

But the key is your older firmware version: If you are having problems, I recommend you update your firmware, which should make this issue go away.