Pixhawk 2.1 & Here+ Crash; Possible mech failure?

I received a Pixhawk 2.1 on Nov 23rd (a lucky early bird). Everything was going fine, until a week ago! I followed the service bulletin when it came out. I had a Here+ unit on it at the time, but wasn’t running 3.5rc to use it. Instead, I was going for stability, on AC 3.4.5.

Frame: quad (Tarot 650 sport) w/ Motor: SunnySky X4108S 380KV.

The setup was flying a pre-planned mission without human intervention. It had completed this same flight about 5-10 times perfectly before this flight.

My current prognosis is a motor failure (specifically on RC_OUT 5). It’s odd that this happens to also be the channel related to the pixhawk2 bulletin…

Can someone help walk me through to rule out anything related to the Pixhawk 2.1 bulletin?

21 3-16-2017 3-54-32 PM.bin (232 KB)


Hi Jeff, sorry to hear about your crash.

PWM5 has no issues, the issue was only with PWM1, and even that can only be reproduced by over tightening the mounting screws to the cube.

As you do not have anything connected to PWM1, then this issue cannot affect you.


That is my understanding; there’s nothing special with the code path for reassigning motor to PWM5 that could have been tickled?

Just trying to rule out alternative causes and confirm it as a mech failure :slight_smile: Thanks for the support Philip; love all the work you’ve been doing!

It certainly looks like a mechanical failure, your desired roll/pitch and actual roll/pitch diverge quite a bit at the end of the flight.


nothing special about the code. the code allows you to configure your copter in lots of different ways, and gets used lots… so I dont think so… nothing is impossible, but this is highly improbable