PixHawk 2.1 heli does not want to fly to the left in Althold and Loiter mode

Hello. I have a problem with my heli. In Stabilize mode, it’s very nice in all directions. In Althold and Loiter mode, it flies well forward, backward and right. When I want to go left, heli almost does not react, and after releasing the stick heli flies a few meters and then stops. When I fly to the right and release the stick heli immediately starts to hold the position. Can there be a problem?Param.param (13.7 KB)

Loiter by default is not a “flying mode”. When you make stick inputs it is making a request to the autopilot to move the helicopter. And it will obey the limitations on speed and acceleration you have set for Loiter. Your helicopter normally hovers right skid low to combat tail rotor thrust. So when moving left it is assisted by the thrust from the tail. Moving right it takes more bank angle to make it move.

From your log it looks like it is maxing out on speed in Loiter with a full stick roll input. But you’re seeing less bank to the left for the above reasons so it maxes out at ~4 degrees left roll to hold the speed limit.

Try increasing the value for this parameter

It works. Thanks a lot.