Pixhawk 2.1 CubeBlack PX4FMUv3 firmware upgrade failure in Mission Planner

I just bought a PX4. (Pixhawk 2.1 - px4v3)
When I power up my PX4 it goes through the orange LED’s and a few tones and then finishes with a tone like “bah bom” and LED’s off. No green.
I try plugging in to Mission Planner and it’s detected OK. when I hit connect
I try a firmware update using Arduplane v3.9.8. MP asks if it’s a “CubeBlack” (I assume it is because it has the black Cube on its back.) The flash appears to work ok but same issue “bah bom” tone and no green LED’s
Any ideas or help greatly appreciated as I am a total nube.
PS. Should I see it in Windows device manager?

Good day,
you can check in your device manager if your system recognized the rc.
Just flash the firmware again with thr last version of MP. In case it will not work again, this is the last step, just reflash the bootloader with a jtag programmer (nucleo board).

yeah I get the pixhawk show up in device manager as 'STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port"
I’ve managed to Flash to the latest version successfully.
The green LEDs don’t show. Maybe I have a config issue.

You can try to update the bootloader with mission planner with the ctrl+f and reinstall the firmware again, but before proceed this just check on Mp parameters if the board its correct.

After the bah boom tone: is the LED still orange? I don‘t have a Pixhawk 2.1 but has it got LEDs for the I/O and FMU units („ACT“) telling you both units working correctly?

I only know this sound when I start up my Pixhawks with ArduPlane installed when the TX is switched off. Could that be?

BRD_TYPE = 3 This is correct

Yeah I don’t get any green LED on the Pixhawk 2 at all (might be faulty ??)
but it was a “No RC Transmitter” error and/or “No ESC” error that caused the Bah Boom sound. Pretty basic stuff I guess but it’s all brand new to me so steep learning curve.

What I don’t understand is, I watched a Youtube video by “Painless 360” called “(2/9) Introduction to PixHawk 2.1: Resources and Firmware Flashing” and the Pixhawk2 has nothing connected at all except USB (which would explain the lack of sounds) but after the firmware flash it has a green pulse. (15:35) I’d sure like to see mine do that, however everything else appears to be working as expected.

I am not sure why you don’t have an LED signal. Did you try all other functions yet? So AIL, ELE, THR etc?
But I guess we cleared the sound problem :wink:

So here some more info after a little more playing.
In QGC under Firmware I can install PX4 Flight Stack v1.9.0 which upgrades my CubeBlack from PX4 FMU V2 to V3
After this upgrade I get the green heartbeat, with a small orange LED on one side.
I then upgrade the ArduPilot Flight Stack to ArduPlane v3.9.8 and get only the green heartbeat.
All good you would think but the Pixhawk thinks it’s 180deg pitch and 270deg YAW out. (bad sensor?) (Plugging it into MP and it also looks upside down)
So I set the position and start calibration, hook up GPS and all seems good…in QGC, but I want to use MP.
I put it into MP but all the parameters are different and when I try to import all my parameters it says something like 300+ parameters not present?
So I flash the Arduplane v3.9.8 from MP to get the parameters back and all green LEDs are gone and I get a Critical Service Bulletin message and the “Board Type is not recognised” even tho it appears as BRD_TYPE = 3 (Correct).
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Also, it is correct in assuming that the parameters are different between MP and QGC ??

Yes I had all 4 channels working without a hitch and configurable in MP (calibrate-able also). I could also remote them thru Taranis.

So I returned this device as faulty and got a refund. I’ve since bought a new one.