Pixhawk 2.1 Cube OSD


Does anyone have any recommendation on how to get telemetry onto an OSD fpv view from the cube? I’ve seen the OSD menu in mission planner, but think I actually need to get some hardware to convert this to video on the video feed?

Looks like the MinimOSD isn’t around any more? Any other recommendations? Or is there a clever way this could be natively output from the Cube UART?


The challenge way is this one: ArduPilot onboard OSD using an external SPI OSD breakout board

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Oooo cheers Sergey, I’ll give that a go!

Hmmmm, looks like the max7456 boards went EOL a while ago! The hobbytronics site doesn’t sell them any more and the rest of the Internet seems pretty dry for that hardware.

Any known replacements or stand ins? I’ll have a look around.

I’ve gone for one of these, it contains the max7456 chip so I’m sure theres some way I can get it to work, if it doesn’t directly work in its current format.

The holybro OSD works well, have it wired up to a cube black and no issues from my (limited) testing.

I have one of those - works fine

Digital Micro Devices is what I use with the Cube Black and Orange. There is a learning curve but the results are awesome. If you haven’t found what your looking for, this is worth looking into.