Pixhawk 2.1/ Cube original carrier board with Raspberry Pi CM3L

I think there is a need for a Cube carrier board with RPI CM3L, RPI CM3 will be very helpful for many application developments.

I am re-designing original carrier board with RPI CM3L

I keep the connectors standard drone-code

Outputs from RPI CM3L:

-4 GPIO ( hardware available PWM pins)

-CAM0 (22 pins IDC connector with lock)
-CAM1 (22 pins IDC connector with lock)

Please share your opinions and what other feature you would like to see in the carrier board?

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You probably know this, but the Pi only has one proper uart, plus a mini uart that usually defaults to console. I’d suggest using the full uart for connecting to the Cube, and leaving the other as console.
With USB, including a mini hub would be great: even though there’s only one bus, would be convenient to be able to attach multiple devices easily

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Addin usb hub chip inside or making small pcb usb hub external , i am also considering this

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I guess that you already know this?

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@LuisVale I think he’s at that company :wink:


DroneePilot is all in one design perfect for drone products.

In this new carrier board i will keep the origional Cube carrierboard design and will add RPI which i think more flexible from developers point , and will keep the price down , as it doesnt have expensive sensor, module on the PCB.

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To access the RPI’s shell good to have wifi on board. I am planning to add normal USB port as well to attach small usb dongle . I think it will be more convenent than makeing external converter with cable. What do you think, is it better to have normal USB plug as well or all USB outs with standart dronecode plug?

The jst-gh is much better for permanently connected peripherals, but having a normal USB host socket would be useful for setup.
What I’ve done previously is solder an I2C expansion hub to USB pads, as I don’t trust a normal USB connector in flight.

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Usb connector not for flight , definitelly. Although, from developer point of view would be easier to attach small usb dongle directly to the board. Also USB connector is too big. I am stuck a little bit to add or not. I have already add usb splitter chip, will be 3 usb out.

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I’m ok with jst-gh, and using an adapter cable if I need it, for USB host.




Thanks for quick reply James, it very helpfull.

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So far lates updates from Lychee )

all the outputs from CUBE ramain the same as on origional carrier board

outputs from Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Light:

3 x USB
2 x GPIO (hardware enabled pwm pins)
CAM0 15 pin camera port, same connector on RPI3
CAM1 22pin camera port
microSD card slot


More details please.


Hi Mike,

first 10 units will be ready roughly in 2 weeks. for first testers

before to produce first 10 units, i would like to get peoples feedbacks, incase need changes.

i cannot say the excact price now, but price will be around origional carrier board


I’m confused. Is this a Dronee product?

Yes, it will be dronee product

Hi Artem, that looks very interesting. Some quick questions -

  1. Will i be able to connect to the RPI3 via Wifi?
  2. Will the Rpi3 compute module be integrated? or will I have to install it myself like with the edison?
  3. Where will the SD card slot be? I have major diffficulties taking the SD card out in the Cube with the original carrier board as the SD card is on the side. In a plane, It makes the design very inaccessible. the original Pixhawk 1 had a nice, easy to access SD card slot in the front. I could Easily open the caonpy and access it in my plane.
  4. How do I sign up for testing the autopilot?


Hi Nihal,

You will be able to connect to RPI easily via wifi from pc.

Integration will be optional, with cM3, or without CM3

sd card slot of RPI will be on side. SDCard slot of CUBE it remains same, this carrier board for CUBE, cube designer is different company ( proficnc)

To sign up for early batch , please leve your email here (https://lycheecomputer.typeform.com/to/eWFi7l)

First version of Lychee went to production .
The latest view of Lychee

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No Wifi on the CM3…