Pixhawk 2.1 + crossfire telem. + tbs core pro

Hey guys,

ireceived my Pix 2.1 finally :slight_smile:
My old AUAVX2 run with crossfire by telemrtyport ch7/ch8.and tbs core by bst cable.

The pix 2 reqest now a I2C2 connection pix --> BST input at crossfire diversity receiver…
Icould not find the combination of Pix2 + crossfire + tbs core.

Can somebody help me how to wire this ?
Many thanks

Hi Andreas,

I using the Pixhawk (2, 2.1. and 3) togehter with the crossfire for RC and telemetrie.
So far not one of the systems I got it working with the I2C connection.
Only the RC together with CH7/CH8 is working stable.
But this is no problem with the PIX 2.1.
RC out Crossfire (SBUS) to RC in PIX
CH7/CH8 Crossfire over Mavlink to the TELE1 PIX.

Cheers, Markus

Hi Markus,
thanks; i tried it at first ch7/ch8 to telem1 with my old pix setup. Does not work.
I try to find the failure.
Do you have an overview for mission planner setup ?

Best Regards

Excuse me
Crossfire tx uses the Bluetooth connection droidplanner why there is no telemetry message for 2km, the aircraft can control 40 kilometers
How can I improve the range of telemetry?
thank you

Hi Adam,
I not got the point.
The Bluetoot connection is from the transmitter to the PC or Laptop.
The telemetrie and RC is from the crossfire TX to the crossfire RX.
You have on the RX one connection to the SBUS of the controller (CH1 for example) and you need two channels (CH7 / CH8) for the RxTx of the Mavlink on your controler.
The distance is limited to the output of the receifer as this is a dual way connection.
Even if your transmitter have 1W output, I think the receifer make not more than 100mW.
And at this case 2km will be ok.
Best regards,

Sounds like a UX/UI design job for me.

Whooooh ! Does it really works that way ?
So how to have full telemetry ? Disconnect SBUS ?

Edit : May be found another way : Use RC over mavlink. Setting can be found under RX settings => https://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?45288-Crossfire-telemetry-from-pixhawk-not-working/page4