Pixhawk 2.1 Connector Wires

After having used the stiffer wires that came with Pixhawk 1, wires that come with Pixhawk 2.1 for connecting to the GPS/BEC are very flexible. Anyone know where we can source them? Would be good to use on my quad where I need custom wires with some flexibility.

Thanks a lot! I have had trouble finding wires like these for sometime.

I know this an old topic but I was looking for a good source for the nice soft silicone wires that are used with the 1.25mm JST-GH connectors. I have purchased a few and it seems that 32 awg from some companies is way to small while 32 awg from others seems to big and have trouble getting the wire into the connectors. I have bought a few of the jumper hook ups from digikey and mouser but would really like to get some spools with varying color as to make the connectors match colors like RX and TX colors the same instead of all black and on red. Does anyone have a good source?