Pixhawk 2.1 CANBUS cables

I have need of information. I am connecting a Zenmuse Z15 to a pixhawk 2.1. I assume I would use the CANBUS as it is shown to connect to the A2 through CANBUS. Is there a off the shelf cable to go from the Pixhawk 2.1 JST to Zenmuse Z15 GCU.

I’m not aware of any support for Zenmuse in ardupilot, so connecting it to a pixhawk fc will not gain anything. If you want to connect the gimbal to Pixhawk for the purpose of writing driver code for it, then it is a different story. But still I’m afraid there is no off the self cable, you have to make one for yourself, by sacrificing a dji cable.

You have just ruined my day. I’ve been trying to get the best components together to build this T810 hexacopter around the Pixhawk for a year now. Every time I think I have it I get hit with a wrench. I first bought the Pixhawk mini after seeing it was the latest Pixhawk only to find it has little support. So I went to the standard Pixhawk but then found the “god” of FC the Pixhawk 2.1 with Edison only to learn Edison is dead. I should have saved my money an bought a DJI A3. Such a sad story. Now I have a Zenmuse Z15 and a Lumix GH4 camera ($2,000+ investment) and you threw a wrench at me.

	Tom Ferguson


Tom Ferguson: Your lack of investigating before purchasing components is NOT anyone else’s fault. In my opinion, it’s rude to suggest @Eosbandi or anyone else “ruined your day” or “threw a wrench” at you.

I (and probably others) will not help people who are rude.

There is nothing rude in my comments. They are expressions of frustration not with @Eosbandi but with my selections. Believe me I have done research for over a year. I haven’t even put the platform together yet because I want to get the best components. My comments are standard American slang so don’t take offence. But thank you for making it clear that I should watch what I type more closely as not to offend anyone unintentionally.

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So it seems that the cable is the least of my problems. I want to stay with Pixhawk2.1 so I need to find another gimbal. Any experience with the Gremsy T3?

There is support for zenmuse with pixhawk you haven’t looked hard enough… none of you have. I myself am looking up again where the documentation is. I have the man subbed in youtube. He has a fully working zenmuse x3 and x5 working with pwm inputs via an rc connection on a rx of a radio.

I will be back in a few when I find it.

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video one:



I watched this guy create this thing. Wish I had the income back then to help him.

But it is up and running now and I personally am eager to try it out.

I used DJI zenmuse and n3 with light bridge2 no end of problems sold it all got a gremsy T3 pixhawk 2 and futaba I hope it will be better than the DJI kit which was very unstable above 25°c great on cold days though …